Dr. Brian Kelly
Eye Care Associates
Fort Saskatchewan

Welcome to our Office!

Our Office is located downtown Fort Saskatchewan in the Market Square Shopping Centre near to the Bank of Nova Scotia at.....................

#156 - 10404 - 99th Avenue

Our Standard of Patient Care
  • Our patients receive an exclusive appointment time (i.e. the doctor sets aside this appointment time to see only one patient)   
  • Patients are seen one-patient-at-a-time and generally on-time so we can provide thorough eye care in a professional and unhurried manner in a state of the art environment. 
  • Each patient is scheduled for a thirty minute appointment time slot  for the purpose of a comprehensive eye health examination and vision evaluation, providing each patient with our full and undivided attention. 
  • We only recommend eye treatment for our patients that we would recommend for our family members.

Our Comprehensive Eye Examinations Include.........
Case History:

  • Eye History and Medical History
  • List of your current Medications (some medications can directly affect your vision)
  • Specific Vision Symptoms or Eye Sight problems 

  • Determination of your current Eyeglass Prescription and level of vision clearness (visual acuities) through your current lenses compared to 20/20 vision 

Vision and Eye Health: The two most important aspects of your examination include....

(a) Determining the lens prescription which provides the clearest vision
(b) Evaluating the health of your eyes - eye diseases and disorders can directly affect the quality of vision.

VISION: Diagnosis and Treatment  includes.... 

  • Best Lens Prescription: Determination of the lens prescription that provides the clearest vision through computer analysis and (mostly) patient choice
  • Does a Prescription change improve your vision? 
  • How much vision improvement can you expect from a lens prescription change? 
  • Focusing Ability: Analysis of the Focusing Ability of the eyes.
  • Muscle Balance: Are the two eyes working as a coordinated team or is one eye wandering - overworking the other eye?
  • Peripheral Vision: Can each eye see straight ahead as well as to the sides - (in order to rule out so-called Tunnel Vision)?

EYE HEALTH: Diagnosis and Treatment/CHRONIC Conditions

  • Basic Neurological assessment of the eyes
  • Health check (general) on the various parts of the eye to rule out or determine the presence of Chronic Eye Health conditions such as Cataracts or Cataract Symptoms, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration symptoms or signs and numerous other eye disease conditions which may affect vision
  • Treatment Plan (or referral for treatment) for a chronic eye health condition - as needed
EYE HEALTH Diagnosis and Treatment/ACUTE Conditions
  • Diagnosis and Medical Treatment of Eye Infections, Eye Inflammations and acute Eye Diseases
  • Medical Treatment of Eye Injuries and the Removal of Foreign Objects from the eye


Contact Lenses:
  • Professional Contact Lens examination and Lens Fitting for both standard and specialized Contact Lenses
  • Advice on the most appropriate Contact Lens Materials including Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lenses as well as multifocal Contacts
  • Professional eye care instructions for cleaning, disinfecting, handling and wearing Contact Lenses
  • Advice on coloured and colorful Contact Lenses

Eye Glasses:
  • Quality Eyeglasses for 'Dress' wear and Safety Eye Wear (through our affiliation with Vivid Vision)

LASIK Surgery:
  • LASIK Eye Surgeries, Side Effects and Referrals......Consultations